UAVitae FAQs


What should I do if I receive an error message?

If you receive any sort of error message while uploading or updating your profile copy the full error message text and email to We can then determine if this is a glitch within the system or your individual profile.

Where are TCE reports?

TCE reports are uploaded automatically by the TCE Office in "Teaching and Credit Bearing Courses" under "Course Attachments."

Why can I only see some of my grants and/or publications? Should I edit this?

Contact if you are missing details from your data.

Where do I enter Workload details?

Section 1 "Workload Distribution" pertains to our workload distribution. Please enter the workload percentages that you received for this calendar year. If your workload agreement percentages changed during the course of the calendar year, enter both - you can choose the start semester and end semester. If you need your Workload Agreement details please contact

Why is my data not showing up in the Annual Review Summary?
  • Please verify that the Annual Review Summary is set for the correct year, and that the activities the faculty member expects to see are assigned to the correct semester/year on the Activity Input Form.
  • If the above doesn’t solve the problem, email, so she may look into this or contact the Vitae Team for assistance.

Presentations at conferences: should I list all authors, or just myself, since I'm the person who presented?

Make your best effort to be consistent with the conference’s protocols. If you are listed along with co-authors in the book of abstracts, you may want to do the same.

Regarding journals that we edit or are reviewers for: what goes in the "Organization" field? Should it be the name of the journal, or the name of the publishing company, or learned society that publishes the journal in question?

While this is probably not a valuable field for the committee, please list, when possible, the publishing company.

Where do things like letters of recommendation (service) or presentations in the recruitment workshop (teaching) go? I put them under additional input, but I am not sure this is what you want.

You can put such things under Section 13 or Section 20.

It appears that if you are supervising a TA it pulls in the number and gives a weight of 'zero'. Will that remain in the systems?

Yes, the TA supervisor teaching load will be 'zero'.

Will the uploaded documents stay in the system more than one year?

They will be time/date stamped and permanently in the system.

Where do I put supervision of PhD students, serving on oral exam committees, or serving oh PhD exam committees?

For this year, these should go in Section 7 "teaching: student mentoring, advising, and activities".

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